Biome, a Passion Story


Since 2005, people of all generations have participated and are contributing to the success of the company. Initially, only some people believed in the future of “ready-to-camp” equipment. These people trusted us and they still count amongst our customers today. We did not invent the concept of ready-to-camp; we have reflected on, improved and developed it according to our vision and our criteria of excellence.

From the beginning, we have made the more laborious and costly choice to manufacture high quality products and we are proud of this choice as our customers are looking for durable and comfortable products. We have consistently upgraded our products to minimize maintenance. In addition, our products have a low environmental footprint.

Since 2006, we have installed equipment throughout Canada and outside the country. We offer, through our clients offering accommodation services, the possibility of living a great outdoor experience.

We are proud of our success, and we thank all our employees and former employees for their contribution to both our commercial and social success. The feedback we receive encourages us to persevere and innovate in the creation of new products. These new products will continue to meet the expectations of users of this type of accommodation.

A dream come true. Thanks to all.

The company


Our mission is to manufacture, sell and install, in partnership, quality tents for the 4 seasons in order to improve the offer of accommodation associated with activities practiced in the field of the outdoors. We specialize in ready-to-camp type accommodation, which some people call “glamping”. We have quality equipment installed throughout Canada and even outside of Canada. Our field of activity extends from the manufacture of our products in the workshop to the installation of the latter in the field. We therefore offer turnkey projects for which we do the installation, but it is also possible for our customers to install our products themselves with or without training. We even develop unique and customized products for some organizations.

We have an agreement with the French company Selvao Conception, which specializes in the development of unusual accommodations since 2015. This agreement aims to distribute products in Canada. The Goutte d’Ô as well as the Pendola, are suspended products in the canopy, which now allow us to offer a new range of unusual accommodation products.

Social and Environmental Commitment

Our facilities have a minimal environmental footprint and do not leave permanent damage to the sites on which they are installed.

Almost all of the materials used in the installation of our equipment are recyclable.

Each year, in the form of donations and others, we help non-profit organizations acquire equipment. In addition, we support activities that allow young people to pursue their education.

To live the Biome experience