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1. Do I need a permit to install a yurt?

The yurt is a tent. In a tent, normally, there is no running water or sanitary facilities. The installation of a tent does not require any permit on a private property. For permanent installations, please contact us, we will provide all relevant information to your project. You can afterward contact competent authorities.

2. Is the floor provided?

We realize turnkey projects (floor, yurt, wood heating, etc.) If the customer wants to build his floor we provide, for free, the plans to build a floor with a minimum of tools and knowledge. We call them "Plans for Dummies", this without prejudice judgments about the capabilities of anyone. Once the floor is built, our customers are proud of their achievement.

3. What is the life expectancy of the yurt?

The life expectancy of the wood frame is quasi-unlimited; as long as the wood is protected from the bad weather, the degradation is minimal. The life expectancy of the fabrics is the same as the coverage of a house, that is from 10 to 15 years depending on various factors.

4. Can we use the yurt in the winter?

This is one of the beautiful times to enjoy the yurt. As an example, our 20 feet diameter yurts are warming at a rate of 1°C per minute with an adequate heating system; less than one hour to raise the temperature from -20°C to +20°C.

5. What type of heating maybe used in the yurt?

All types of heating can be used in the yurt, however for wood heating we recommend certain types of wood stove equipped with an outside air intake.

6. What is the delivery time for a yurt?

We make yurts according to the needs of our customers. It is possible to deliver a yurt in a very short time. Normally, the yurt is completed before the customer has completed the construction of its floor.

7. What is the guarantee for the yurt?

The yurt is guaranteed 1 year against manufacturing defects. The fabrics, depending on the type chosen, have a guarantee of 5 or 8 years, according to the manufacturer.

8. If I own doors, is it possible to buy a yurt without openings (door and window)?

Yes, our yurts are designed to be mounted without the doors; the trellis is not directly attached to the door frame.

9. Is it difficult to install the yurt?

Yurts can be installed by the customers. However we offer installation services which allow an installation without headache. We recommend to our customers to keep their energy for the construction of the floor, the terrace and the interior design.

10. Why install the yurt on a round floor?

In order to preserve the floor structure, we strongly recommend the construction of a round floor; all the components are protected from the rain. After the assembly of the yurt, the terrace will be attached to the floor beams. Thus, if the terrace deteriorates due to bad weather, only the pieces of wood of the terrace will be replaced without difficulty and without removing the yurt and its floor.

11. What maintenance of the yurt must be done? makes yurts that require very little maintenance. Then, settle down on the terrace, take your glass of wine, your beer or your coffee and listen to the birds!

12. Does the rain enters the yurt?

Of course, water does not penetrate into the yurt. The assembly technique of the fabrics by high-frequency welding ensures a 100% water resistance. No sewing is done on the canvas.